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What We Do

Crisis Centers

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Courses Delivered to Individuals and the Community


Adult First Aid



Lads Shed

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Trauma Support  Group

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Mental Health at work

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Mental Health

First Aid

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Mental Health Training and Awareness to individuals and communities
QPR & Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health in the Workplace

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Mental Health Training
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Mental Health Training in the Workplace

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What type of wellness courses we can offer staff

What mental health training can we provide to staff

Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy

We run a number of mental health awareness campaigns including a Youth Mental Health Awareness Team. We raise awareness through talks, videos, social media and have undertaken surveys and reports to give a voice to people who struggle with their mental health. This includes The Haven Hub Report 2020
The Haven Hub also advocates for better mental health services and will lease with other organisations when requested on behalf of service users.

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