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Other Support Services

Emergency Services: 999 / 112

Below is a list of relevant support organisations


Body Whys

The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland,

PO Box 105,


Co. Dublin

Offer support groups for people struggling with eating disorders both online and face to face. Also offers support to their loved ones 


Bedford Row Project 

Bedford Row Project,

Lower Bedford Row,


Provides support to families of prisoners and those affected by or at risk of imprisonment

061 315332


Resources for Older People in Limerick and Surrounding Areas



2nd Floor Lenin House,

Great Strand Street,

Dublin 1

1800 80 45 91

A national confidential listening service for older people provided by older volunteers

abc for mental health.jpg

ABC for Mental Health

Promotes mental health awareness with an aim to reduce the stigma that is attached for mental health & network with all the different organisations so we can work together to support people who experience mental health difficulties


Doras Luimni

Central Buildings,

51a O'Connell Street,


Supports and protects human rights for migrants through direct support, advocacy and campaigning

061 310328

irish refugee council.jpg

Irish Refugee Council

37 Killarney Street.

Dublin 1

Foreign national support service

Refugee Information Service

01 6453070

Aims to counter social exclusion through the provision of a specialist information, referral & advocacy service to asylum--seekers & refugees


Akidwa (African Womens Network)

01 8349851

A voluntary representative body for all African women living in Ireland

Exchange House National Travellers Association


Exchange House Ireland National Travellers Service,

61 Great Strand Street,

Dublin 1

Traveller Support Services

Immigrant Council of Ireland

immigrant council of ireland.png

Immigrant Council of Ireland,

2 St Andrew Street,

Dublin 2

085 1723172 / 01 6740200

The ICI is an Independent Law Centre that provides specialist immigration support to immigrants at particular risk, including victims of domestic and sexual violence

Limerick Travellers Development Group

061 321340

Travellers Support Services

Traveller Community Support Service

061 321722

Travellers Support Services

lgbtq pavee.jpg

Pavee Point

Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre,

46 Charles Street Great,

Dublin 1

Traveller Support Services

01 8780255

Tipperary Rural Traveller Project

Rossmore Village,


Rural Traveller Support Service

Farm & Rural Stress

1800 742 645 (24hr)


embrace farm.jpg

Embrace Farm

Embrace Farm,

C/O Annegrove House,



Farm accident support network

Clare Care 


Check website for locations

065 6828178

Range of services eg day care, addiction, family support, drop in centre, homework club, counselling

We encourage you to call into us and discuss your options with one of our volunteers.
Our address and contact details can be found here:

You might also consider one or more of these Support Groups or a Wellness Course.

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