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About Us

Our volunteers sit and listen, over a cup of tea, providing peer-to-peer support. We have links and information to local support services which benefit people in their recovery back to wellness.

Our Mission

The Haven Hub is a non-profit organisation that gives peer support and advocates for people in distress or at risk of suicide. We do this by empowering the service user in making the links necessary in their recovery to wellness. We extend help from our suicide prevention trained volunteers to develop an agreed safety plan if they are at risk of suicide. We also offer peer support to people late at night who need emotional support due to distress. We operate late at night into the early hours of the morning which is the peak time for suicide and when most support organisations are closed. We provide after care to link people with longer term professional support when appropriate. We also provide wellness and awareness courses to the community to increase preventative measures rather than just dealing with crisis intervention.

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Our Vision

The Haven Hub has a vision where at any hour of any day, people that are struggling to cope in their mental health, together with people at risk of suicide, will have a safe support service where they can access help, understanding and hope to empower them to stay safe, to resist suicide and to recover to wellbeing.

Our Objectives

To provide support and help by:

Offering a safe place for people who are emotionally distressed where they can get proper peer-led support.

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Our Values and Principals

More on our values and principles can be found here. 

Our Goals

Find out information on our goals.

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Who We Are

Find out more about our management team.

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