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Peer Support and Suicide
Prevention with Compassion

Our Goal, Vision & Committment

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Our Mission

To provide peer support and advocate for people in distress or at risk of suicide. Empower service users in making the links necessary in their recovery to wellness.

We extend help from our suicide prevention trained volunteers to develop an agreed safety plan if you are at risk of suicide. If you need emotional support due to distress, we also offer support late at night. We operate in to the early hours of the morning, which is peak time for suicide and when most support organisations are closed

Wellness Courses

The Haven Hub offers a whole range of wellness courses. From WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning), to Decider Skills to QPR Suicide Prevention training, all at no cost to the community, fully funded by the Haven Hub. Find out more about our courses by clicking here.
To be added to the waitlist for upcoming courses, email us on

If you are a business looking to implement some wellness training amongst your staff, we accept donations to the Haven Hub in lieu of charging a fee. Please email to find out more.

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Support Groups

The Haven Hub runs weekly support groups for survivors of trauma and our Lads Shed project. Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. If you have been affected by trauma in your past or are currently experiencing trauma in your life, email to get the link to the Zoom call taking place every Wednesday evening.

Our Lads Shed also runs on a Wednesday evening. Find out more about that by clicking here.

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